ReactJS Girls Conference

A conference for every React developer where women take the stage

2 & 3 May, London UK


ReactJS Girls is a non-profit one-day conference for every React developer, where women will take the stage.


The React.js Girls community was created in 2017 by YLD. The meetup’s focus is giving a platform to female engineers that want to learn from, and teach their experiences using React.js. Although the meetup is aimed at women in the tech community, attendees of any and all genders are welcome to attend. Today, we have +1200 members, 2 locations and 19 editions. London - Small copy Berlin - Small copy


Marta Fernandes
Software Engineer at YLDFunctional programming with ReactJS
Monica Powell
Full Stack Engineer at MeetupHow To Automate Your React workflow
Jenn Creighton
Software Engineer at Rent the Runway The How and Why of Flexible React Components
Manjula Dube
Web Engineer at N26React Hooks - a hype driven development in React
Marcy Sutton
Head of Learning at GatsbyEmpathy Driven Development - a live accessibility audit with React.js
Kate Beard
Junior Engineer at Financial TimesArchitect Your Culture Like You Architect Your Code
Emma Wedekind
Software Engineer at LogMeInBuilding a Design System with React
Carolyn Stransky
Software Engineer at Blacklane Life is hard and so is learning GraphQL
Erin Fox
Software Engineer at Major League SoccerStorybook: A React Native Love Story
Laura Medalia
Tech LeadScreenshot Testing in React Native


Eve Porcello
Engineer and Instructor at Moon Highway


React performance 101
By Typeform Team (Marta Bondyra)
At YLD, 124 Aldersgate St, EC1A 4JQ

2 MAY, 9AM

In this workshop we’ll dive into React’s own performance mechanisms and how they work. We’ll learn how to analyse your app’s performance and finally we’ll improve un-performant examples by applying best practices and observe the effect caused by these changes.

  • JavaScript intermediate level is recommended, however you're also welcome if you have beginner level, we'll help you out!

  • Bring your laptop! 👩‍💻

  • Ideally have the following software installed: ----> Git ( ----> NodeJS (

React Advanced
By Manjula Dube
At YLD, 124 Aldersgate St, EC1A 4JQ

2 MAY, 9AM

In this workshop We'll explore all the advanced techniques for making flexible and maintainable React components. We'll see how using popular patterns like Compound Components, Controlled Components, Render Props, Function As A Child etc. can help us in simplifying stuff, making our components more reusable. If time permits we will also cover React Hooks - hype driven development in the React Ecosystem.

GraphQL workshop
By Eve Porcello
At YLD, 124 Aldersgate St, EC1A 4JQ

2 MAY, 9AM

Learn to build fullstack applications in a day using GraphQL and Apollo in this practical, fast-paced course. Starting with the schema, students will create a GraphQL API using Apollo Server 2.0. Then we’ll use this data within a React user interface using Apollo Client and React Apollo. The course will feature a range of hands-on activities and labs to ensure that students can take these skills back to their own projects right away.

Topics will include:

  • The GraphQL query language
  • GraphQL schema design
  • Designing an API with Apollo Server
  • Connecting to a database
  • Apollo Client
  • React Apollo

You will need a laptop and a working knowledge of JavaScript and React to get the most out of the course, but the GraphQL concepts you’ll learn will apply to any environment.

(Profits from the workshop will be donated back to the community)


30 Euston Square


30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB

Closest Stations

Euston, Euston Square


The venue provides step-free access,

and additional assistance for anyone who requires it

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Join the conversation with 300 React developers discussing the future of react.

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ReactJS Girls is built by and for the community. The conference is brought to you by front-end and design communities from various meetups and non-profit conferences - React Fest and Design Systems London. We can't thank them enough for providing spaces for learning. 100% of profits will be invested back into the community - have your say on this when you get your ticket.